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Advantages of Aerial Photography
State of the art remotely controlled flying platforms equipped with the latest technology in digital cameras are simply called drones. They offer the possibility of capturing, good quality, dramatic video footage while flying in a very controllable manner. As explained, it can be a very powerful and versatile tool with endless possibilities.
Heliçek Aerial Photography was founded in 2000 as the first real Flying-Camera operator in Turkey. We are an established company specialising in Aerial Imagery using the very latest in UAV technology. Our customers always get expert service and the best results for their needs.  We would welcome the opportunity to meet you to talk about what we can do to help on your next project.
Anything constructed on the surface of the earth, be it bridges, motorways, dams, oil rigs, factories, archaeology, farming, agriculture, sports, tourism (and others) can be considered in the scope of aerial-photography.
Here we emphasize the importance of the visual appearance needed to exhibit on visual media. There is no better way of doing this than using aerial photography and videography. As the famous saying goes “A Picture (read it as a photograph) is worth a thousand words”.
Our Services
Aerial Photography and Video
Promotional Videos
Virtual Tour
360° Panoramic Aerial Photography
Product Catalogue photography
Art photography
Aerial Photography and Video
Although it is common nowadays, this is photography without boundaries and you will be able to create visuals beyond your imagination.
For construction companies
Let’s look at residence and business structures. It is an ongoing major trade worldwide. In order to stay ahead of the competition one needs to advertise effectively. Leading companies proudly make a showcase of their portfolio, thanks to the power of digital media. As construction and architecture coexist designers also take advantage of aerial images.
Promotional Clips
Video clips are very good for advertising in the digital media. We can shoot and edit for short films and for small productions.
Virtual Tour
This presents a living experience in the real sense during the planning stages of the building. Once the 3D design is completed it can be shared with potential customers, no matter where they may be.
Panoramic Balcony Shot of a multi storey building
This kind of photography helps architects and builders to see what the view from a specific level would look like, before the building is erected. It would also be helpful for locating the building on site and making presentations to the potential customers.
Construction stages
This helps record the work progress visually. It can be time lapsed from fixed points and include aerial photography for more general and/or specific angles.
360° Panoramic Aerial Photography
This is a powerful presentation for showing what is around with almost no limits. It is like being in a glass sphere at 100m high with 360° view with no obstacles. You can move in closer to a point of interest or zoom out for a general view.